First Letter From Scott Pickel

//First Letter From Scott Pickel

Letter From the President


I’d like to start my first letter as president of the ISES Cleveland chapter by telling you how I arrived here. I was like most of you at one time. An on and off attendee of a meeting here and there trying to get a new lead or client. Frequently complaining, that I never really received any benefit from this group and often wondering how to justify the yearly membership fee.

Eventually, I did make that monetary commitment to join and was soon asked to serve on the board. Sitting in that first board meeting was pretty intimidating. A room full of event professionals, most of whom I didn’t know, all bantering back and forth about things I didn’t even understand. It didn’t take me long to become inspired by them to jump in and get busy helping to grow this chapter.

It’s been five years since I was asked to get involved and I write to you today as the current chapter president. Our chapter has nearly doubled its numbers. We’ve hosted some pretty amazing educational and social events. Because of that, the Cleveland Chapter has become one of the more solid chapters in the Midwest Region. Also, I’ve become close friends with many of the talented people whom I have served with over the last five years.

I encourage you to make that financial commitment to join and then I ask you to do one more thing. Get yourself immersed in it. Join a committee, attend a conference like ISES Live or The Special Event, get others involved in ISES or take on a voluntary leadership role. You too will soon be reaping all of the benefits of belonging to this organization just like I have. I look forward to serving you in this upcoming year.

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