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Cleveland Making An Impact

I had the chance to attend the 2nd ISES Live this August in Seattle and it was pretty incredible. This year had a lot to prove following a very memorable few days in the Bahamas in 2013. For those of you unfamiliar with ISES Live, it’s the annual international conference put on by ISES for event professionals to network and learn from thought leaders from a variety of industries. So much went on in Seattle that it makes sense for me to break down some highlight of what I experienced into different sections.

ISES Leadership Meetings

The days prior to the official start of ISES Live were filled with meetings between various ISES meetings. As the Midwest Brand Champion, I took part in the International Marketing and Communications meeting where we discussed the pervious year’s efforts as well as what was coming for 2015. 2014 had been an incredibly prolific year for ISES marketing efforts. The roll out of the new brand vision, values, and the PR & Media Guide gave chapters the tools they needed to be part of a cohesive association with guidelines that will maintain our position as the thought leaders of our industry.

2015 marketing goals will be a year of facilitating the goals of ISES membership and education. Now that we have defined ourselves, look forward to a year of practical toolbox items being given to each chapter. This has already begun with the “Things ISES People Say” document as well as the “Event People Are ISES People”. Our team is made up of some the industry’s most gifted marketing minded event professionals and I’m really honored to once again be counted in their number. Exciting things are going to continue to come from this group.

Our Midwest Chapter meeting by newly installed Midwest RVP, Jim Riley, was a powerful exchange of ideas between leaders of the 8 chapters in the Midwest. Jim got the group talking about what was working and what wasn’t in order for us to help each other with ideas and strategies. This was an introduction to what will be an even bigger event in October as many of the leaders from all over the Midwest will meet in Columbus for a full day of idea exchanges and learning.

Spirit of Excellence Awards

Each year, ISES Chapters can submit for a number of different awards that reflect the achievements of the chapter against other chapters in the association. We are all ISES but we’re also all pretty competitive. With as much time as we volunteer to ISES, this is one of the few tangible ways we can prove our efforts were worthwhile. The submission process is one of the more challenging award entries because this is between the best of the best. We are extremely proud to announce that we made it to the nominee stage for each of the following chapter awards:

  • Chapter of the Year Award
  • Excellence in Communications Award
  • Excellence in Education & Programming Award
  • Excellence in Special Projects Award
  • Excellence in Membership Retention Award
  • Excellence in Membership Growth Award

We were singled out as honorable mention for Chapter Membership Growth, narrowly missing the top spot to Seattle.

The chapter was recognized once again through the singular efforts of our past VP of Membership, Vincent Iannaggi. Vince won the Excellence in Membership Recruitment Award as the member who referred more new members than anyone else in the world!

International Committee members were also thanked on stage including membership development committee Deb Hermann and myself for being on the International Marketing and Communications Committee as well as being on the 2014 ISES Live Committee. Cleveland was well represented!

I’m going to follow this post up with one about the networking, events and education aspects of ISES Live next!

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