ISES goals for the upcoming year.

//ISES goals for the upcoming year.

Rachael-Fuller_6820A-EditTo ISES Cleveland Members:

The board of directors for ISES Cleveland has many goals for the year. One goal we strive for is excellence and to create ways to better our chapter. Last month the Cleveland board of directors participated in a two-day Midwest region ISES retreat with other chapters. We were able to exchange ideas with chapter leaders from Columbus, Cincinnati, Chicago, Detroit, Indiana, Minneapolis/St. Paul and St. Louis. This gives us the opportunity to connect with event industry professionals, share knowledge and best practices that we can incorporate in our monthly events and benefits for members. Look for new and exciting developments from your board as we continue to strive for greatness.

We are proud to announce our FREE membership drive event (for members and non-members) at the Cleveland Museum of Art on December 9th. This is a great opportunity to see your fellow industry friends, bring new faces to experience what ISES has to offer and of course have fun!

Something for YOU – As an ISES member you can bring a potential member to the event and be entered into a drawing for spectacular prizes! If your potential member becomes a member that evening, receive additional tickets for the drawing!

Something for THEM – Potential members can join that evening for half price ($249) and will be entered into a drawing to potentially win a $200 VISA Gift Card!

Did you know that ISES members collectively plan and execute over 1 million special events each year? You are part of the world’s largest event production and service organizations! Thank you for your continued support, enthusiasm and commitment to ISES Cleveland and the event industry.  We look forward to seeing you soon and don’t forget to stay connected. #ISESCLEVELAND.


Warm regards,

Rachael Fuller

President, 2014-2015

ISES Cleveland Chapter

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