TSE2015 Takeaways – Covesa Gragg

//TSE2015 Takeaways – Covesa Gragg

The global perspective of ISES!

By Covesa Gragg, Owner, Personal Touch by Covesa

I feel that TSE allowed me to see ISES from a Global Perspective vs. just ISES in Cleveland. I can appreciate the efforts that the organization is making to make the event industry a professional and respected industry. The efforts being made to encourage and promote education at events for the members is so valuable. It helps to ensure that people have the opportunity to learn as much as they can from other professionals to hopefully succeed in their business or the role they serve in their organization.

I’m excited about the Global Perspective because the Event Industry has such a low barrier to entry that often times people are misled on who the true professionals are. ISES is making great progress on implementing standards and processes that the event industry can use as a measuring tool on proper practices, standards and guidelines. The leadership that ISES is demonstrating is making the event industry a better industry forcing us to step up to the plate and be accountable for the work we do.

I enjoyed the different training sessions because each session was led by a successful event professional in different lines of the business. I was able to hear about marketing from a corporate planner’s perspective and a public relations company. I was able to hear about sales strategies from an international sales person and a small business owner. The perspective that I gained from being able to listen to several sides of the story while knowing that they are all event professionals recognized by an organization that has set a consistent and respected bar of excellence.

In the Event Planning Roundtable discussion I was excited to hear that ISES is implementing additional curriculum requirements for our chapter events. I think this is a great opportunity for us on the local level to reach out and truly offer additional education benefits to our members. The discussion on the education pieces in our chapter events brought the conversation to ISES’s core competencies: Planning, Entertainment, Décor, Food & Beverage, Rentals, Tenting, Speaker & Content Management, Venues, Technical Production and Creative Service. So, ISES is asking that the Chapters all incorporate educational elements into their events throughout the year from this uniform list of recognized competencies by the ISES Community. This goes back to the importance of having a consistent standard on what’s vital to successful events. This list of core competencies allows us to all use the same information to ensure we that members in San Diego are educating from the same list as the members in Boston.

In the roundtable session we went on to discuss survey options for the events that the chapter produces. We talked about why getting the surveys back are so important and the different ways that other chapters are finding success in collecting surveys.  I found a lot of value in this because I realized that I did not know what our chapter’s survey completion rate is. Once I found out that are survey completion rate is low event though our events usually well attended I found the discussion on survey options beneficial. It might be beneficial for our chapter to explore some of the other survey methods that other chapters are finding success in.  We talked about the electronic version after an event via email that we currently use but maybe offering some type of incentive like money off the next event to increase the survey completion rate. There was mention of the Star Network, or exit surveys as attendees leave the event to ensure that they complete the survey or using a social media survey like the “Bomb Fire” app which can act in two capacities allowing the attendee to provide feedback and marketing for those that did not attend the event.

I was very excited to hear about ISES’s new educational standard term “ISES Approved.” ISES Approved is the new international educational standard selected for the creative event professional, and has been developed to recognize specific content that has significance for the creative event industry. Through the ISES Approval process, thought leaders from all over the world can now gain recognition for their published papers, presentations, video and audio resources and online and offline sessions.  In doing so, we make such education more accessible, more relevant and more valuable for everyone interested in advancing the reputation of our industry. Again, the implementation of “ISES Approved” is yet another example of ISES setting a consistent and attainable measurement for event industry professionals.

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