TSE 2015 Takeaways – Vince Iannaggi

//TSE 2015 Takeaways – Vince Iannaggi

Stress Less and How to Enjoy a Tradeshow!

By Vince Innaggi, Director of Business Development, L’Nique Specialty Linen

The Special Event, Held in Anaheim California the week of January 5th offered up a great deal of value in terms of Education, Inspiration, and good old fashion fun!

There were several take aways from the week, Including the action packed, very entertaining presentation by the Key Note Speaker Colette Carlson at the Opening General Session.
Stress Less: YOU Management vs. Time Management! http://www.colettecarlson.com/keynotes-programs/stress/

STRESS!!! We all have it and we all think we know how to manage it, right? Well we are all wrong. Colette goes through a day in the life of an Event Professional, Multi-tasking the day away, juggling family, work, clients, vendors, schedules, etc. while using ridiculous props and getting us to put it all into perspective. Create a NOT to do list, just say no, be realistic of our expectations, and stop feeling guilty. Although the presentation was quite entertaining, it got me thinking about what changes I need to make to manage myself better. Think about it, what really is important to you?

Another of my favorite take aways, was the Wedding Event. Aside from the stunning decor, delicious food, amazing entertainment and the most beautiful all male wait staff I have ever seen; I felt the traditional world of weddings has finally caught up with modern reality.
During the Cocktail hour in the most glamorous setting, were models dressed in modern all white wedding couture. No frilly dresses or stuffy formal ware. Edgy and hip, cool attire sported each of the models as they were paired off as couples portraying a proposal. Refreshingly, here is where reality came alive, Men were proposing to Men, Women to Women, Women to Men, and Men to Women. Confused? Don’t be. No matter who makes up the couple or who pops the question, Love is Love. Traditional or Modern, the wonderful world of weddings has evolved.

There is truly something special that happens at TSE. It is a combination of experiences that creat one very unforgettable experience, Fun. TSE is just fun. After a day of classes and meetings, you have parties to look forward to. Sharing a meal with friends, new and old. Hanging out and learning more about some of the people you work with regularly. Great conversations, laughter, a little relaxation, and a whole lot of networking with Event Professionals form all over the world.

This was my 4th TSE and I can’t wait to experience more education, inspiration and fun at my 5th, in Orlando, Florida, 2016.

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