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Brett Yacovella

Drawing from almost two decades of experience, Brett Yacovella currently leads a tight-knit team of Visual Storytellers at Making the Moment located in Westlake, Ohio.  This gifted full-time staff of 7 handcrafts still imagery and cinematic motion art pieces for clients in Ohio and throughout the country. 

Brett’s background?  He cut his teeth in the cut-throat ad agency world, where he successfully worked on a myriad of photographic and film campaigns.  It wasn’t enough.  Soon after, he founded Making the Moment, and momentum has continued to build ever since.  Now over a decade old, Making the Moment has been established as one of Cleveland’s premiere boutiques for both wedding and commercial artwork. 

He’s also an incredibly gifted and award-winning photographer; Fearless, WPPI print competition, and ILEA awards cover the walls of the office.

He’s mastered the interpersonal relationship, and takes Making the Moment’s brand purely to heart.  He’s warm, intelligent, and able to dish out a pun at any moment.  His downfalls include; a terribly giddy reaction to DayQuil, an obsession with 8-bit video-game scores, and an affinity to the wearing of skinny jeans.  However, when it comes to technical knowledge of film, photography, an inviting sale, leadership, or the Mario Brothers soundtrack; he’s your man.  

He’s a filmmaker, he’s a photographer, he’s a leader, he’s a father, he’s a mentor, and he’s a friend.  What else could you really ask for?  



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