Rock The House in 2017

///Rock The House in 2017
Nick Duve
Nick DuveMarketing Manager at Rock The House Entertainment

Rock The House

Rock The House Entertainment more than doubled their warehouse facility space earlier this year.  Nick Duve, Marketing Manager at Rock The House Entertainment, answers questions about the company’s growth and what we can expect in the near future from RTH.

Can you tell us a little bit about the decision to expand RTH’s warehouse facilities?

The explosive growth of Rock The House lead their teams to work out of a few different warehouses between Oakwood Village and other locations throughout the city. With a clear knowledge that this was hindering the potential of what the company was truly capable of, RTH knew the move to the new 12,000sqr ft. warehouse had become an inevitably necessary move. Our growth has allowed us to segment into multiple brands under the Rock The House family of companies. These include RTH Audio Visual, RTH Weddings, Rock The House Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Zone Entertainment, Selective Sound Entertainment & Rock The House Live!.

Will Rock The House be expanding it’s workforce?

We are always looking into the future and expanding our team. We project double digit growth, year over year, and consistently add a handful of employees.

Can you elaborate about the technical features of the new space?

Our new space features over 22,000 square feet and includes many additions that will allow our team to run more efficiently and handle a larger volume of work.  Some additions include:

  • Equipment Repair Bay
  • Consolidation of all SSE, Zone, and RTH gear to one location
  • Conference Room in finished loft for production meetings and work spaces for Project Managers
  • New forklift & loading dock.

How will the new space help with logistics?

  • Project managers will be “hands on” with the gear for the shows they are working on and the teams prepping those shows
  • One location with all equipment, as opposed to multiple different warehouses in varying locations.
  • The new warehouse space is right down the street from our current home office which is located at 7809 First Place in Oakwood Village.
  • The new warehouse is in close proximity to Penske and ideal for our weekly usage partnership with have with them.
  • Zone Entertainment has moved to the front offices in the front half of our warehouse, which allows for easier translation and management of gear.

How will the expansion help Rock The House compete in the local market, as well as in other markets?

  1. Allowing for a more efficient workflow and less miscommunication, RTH will be able to provide even bigger and better shows for our clients. The close proximity of all RTH facilities will assist in keeping overhead costs at a minimum.
  2. This makes us more efficient because we were previously operating out of five different warehouses, making logistics more challenging. By consolidating everything into one space, it also increases our order and prepping accuracy. This allows us to grow “out and up” (meaning that we can now utilize a forklift.)
  3. Our previous warehouse did not have a loading dock for trucks so with the new warehouse space, mid-sized trucks can be loaded quickly and directly.
  4. Our production department. We have expanded our offices to include up to 10 more workstations for current and future employees.

Anything else you would like to add?

Rock The House is happy to announce the addition of “Sparkular” to our widening inventory of event-related products and services. The first of its kind, Sparkular is a smell-free, indoor spark fountain machine. Based around the science of extreme heating and cooling, Sparkular produces real sparks that are instantly cooled resulting in an incredible production element! Perfect for corporate events, Simchas, , grand entrances at weddings, and much more, Sparkular is Cleveland’s only indoor pyrotechnic unit that meets common fire code standards!

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