Dear ILEA Members and Friends of the Events Industry,

First, I want to thank ILEA Cleveland for allowing me to serve as President and be part of an organization that not only provides educational opportunities but allows friendships to be created within the industry.

I am both honored and humbled to assume my role for the Chapter’s 10th Anniversary. The individuals who formed the Cleveland Chapter in 2008 were motivated and persistent in pursuing success in Cleveland, and thus I am able to follow in the footsteps of some great leaders in the industry. Committed to providing opportunities in which each individual can leave better than when they arrived, I begin this journey with enthusiasm and excitement to continue in offering educational growth so we can be respected and recognized as leaders in the event industry.

If you haven’t already joined ILEA this year, we encourage you to do so and play an active role. Share your gifts – it is empowering! Attend monthly events, submit for the ILEA WOW! Awards (to be held in Cleveland this year), participate in a CSEP Discussion Group in preparation to sit for the exam, celebrate with us at the 10th Anniversary Party in December, and much more! Participants’ testimonials identify ILEA Cleveland opportunities as rewarding, empowering, recharging of their professional batteries and a great opportunity to network! Through membership and participation in ILEA Cleveland, you too can engage and grow both personally and professionally.

Mark your calendar – August 21 at Kimpton Schofield Hotel. Come meet the board and learn what ILEA can do for you. Click here for more info.

I look forward to seeing you soon and please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can ever be of assistance!




Amy VanDuyne, CSEP
President | ILEA Cleveland
E: | M: 330.536.3557

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