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Letter from the President – Nick Borelli

I’m honored to serve on this award-winning board of directors! I feel lucky to have inherited a team of seasoned event professionals who have been recognized within our association as being some of the best of the best internationally. My number one goal this year is to bring the worlds best speakers to Cleveland so [...]

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Thank you for your support!

What a great experience it has been in the role of Chapter President. Our board has worked hard to create great opportunities for YOU the members. Showcasing new and hot venues, fresh ideas, long-lasting relationships and of course the love of our city! I look forward to the next 12 months as we welcome incoming [...]

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Letter from the President

To ILEA Cleveland Members: As I am wrapping up my last few months as President, I would like to thank you, the members, for getting involved, volunteering, attending events and spreading the great work of ILEA. Our chapter will be giving out a President’s Award to an individual that has been extremely supportive in the chapter [...]

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Congratulations to you!

To ISES Cleveland Members: Congratulations to you! Our chapter had a record breaking membership drive in December that was recognized nationally. Thank you to everyone who joined us that evening and for the new and continued support to ISES Cleveland. Last month several ISES Cleveland board members traveled to Anaheim, California for ISES leadership meetings. [...]

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ISES goals for the upcoming year.

To ISES Cleveland Members: The board of directors for ISES Cleveland has many goals for the year. One goal we strive for is excellence and to create ways to better our chapter. Last month the Cleveland board of directors participated in a two-day Midwest region ISES retreat with other chapters. We were able to exchange [...]

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Letter from Our New President

To ISES Cleveland Members: On behalf of the ISES Cleveland Board of Directors I would like to say welcome to our 2014-2015 membership season. We are off to an enthusiastic start, and I am excited you, our members, are joining us on the journey with ISES Cleveland this year.  The year brings renewed energy and [...]

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First Letter From Scott Pickel

Letter From the President I'd like to start my first letter as president of the ISES Cleveland chapter by telling you how I arrived here. I was like most of you at one time. An on and off attendee of a meeting here and there trying to get a new lead or client. Frequently complaining, that I never [...]

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