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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed some time with their families this past holiday. While finishing up a few nominations for the upcoming awards season I spent some time reflecting on 2012 and what an amazing year it was. Being President of our chapter these past months has really revealed to me why I value my ISES [...]

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Summer is Closed. Bring on Fall!

Whew…another busy summer is in the books! I am excited to see what the rest of the year will bring to our chapter and beyond… First, I want to congratulate the ISES Midwest Region on winning The ISES Espirit Award for Region of the Year. Also, Congrats to our Immediate Past President Deb Hermann on [...]

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Outgoing Message from Deb Hermann

Final Woof As I sit in my air conditioned office on yet another July day of searing heat, I can’t help but marvel at the “Dog Days” of summer. These are the days when the ISES Cleveland “pack” is collectively working its considerable brand of magic throughout the region and beyond. …getting their DOG ON! [...]

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