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Jennifer Chernisky – President, Jennasis and Associates

After facing an unexpected major life change, Jennifer felt that she was given an opportunity to choose a new path and start creating anything she wanted to.  Jennifer began her own virtual administration firm with three clients.  In a short space of time, the clients started to double, and so did their needs.  The virtual administration firm grew to include web design and graphics while forming partnerships with other skilled artists.  By the end of 2011, the company had grown exponentially, and Jennasis and Associates began to thrive. 

Today, Jennasis and Associates continues to grow its services and its entrepreneurial team.  With team members throughout several states, Jennasis provides services for digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, web design, graphic design, virtual assisting, event planning, and much more. 

Jennifer is an expert Marketing Consultant, Social Media Strategist, and Brand Developer. A professional speaker herself, Jennifer also founded an extension of Jennasis and Associates called Jennasis Speaks.  Jennifer’s entrepreneurial spirit motivates her passion to empower others with a fresh, energetic perspective to the world of digital marketing.

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