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Why Should You Join ILEA?

By joining ILEA, you instantly gain access to an elite pool of special events resources. Members enjoy exclusive discounts, business opportunities and promotion, and tailored educational information. Gain the extra edge needed to create events that go beyond expectations, far surpass your competition and impact your portfolio.

Become an ILEA Member Today!

Becoming a part of this organization is an investment in both yourself and your industry. In today’s demanding world, pleasing clients and companies has become more challenging.

Membership in ILEA will entitle you to member benefits and Internet access to ILEA resources that non-members don’t get.

  • Chapter Membership

  • Professional Development and Education

  • Subscription to Special Events Magazine

  • Unlimited use of ILEA’ Online, Downloadable Membership Directory

  • A listing on ILEA’ website and website content dedicated to the consumer to find you!

  • Special Member Discounts and Access to Affinity Programs